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Confused ?

Well, this is just a website full of my stuff. As ever, there are old remnants of things that I was really interested in, but I’m not any more, and the startings of vast mountains of stuff that I am getting obsessively interested in.

In addition there are my blog postings at

I also upload the odd photo to Flickr, available at

But who is he ?

Happily he is married with two daughters, more exciting than it sounds, and works for the government in Scotland, less exciting than it sounds. He is easily bored and dabbles in whatever he finds interesting. Accordingly, he has spent a year in the field as an archaeologist, worked for a variety of government departments, and blogs on pretty much anything. His fervent hope is that his wife will shortly start earning so much money that he can spend his whole day messing about unproductively on internet productivity blog sites.

Currently interested in Mac computers, permaculture, thought provoking books, the architect John Lautner, and inflicting 80s arthouse films on my daughters. I also write fiction, occasionally, some examples available under Downloads.

I just hope you find the site amusing or interesting or thoughtful.

regards Peter Reid


My really old homepage from back when the internet was still clockwork, still lurks hereabouts, at


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