The Girl who kicked the Hornets' Nest by Stieg Larsson

The third and probably the final book in this sequence of books.

Of all the books it was probably the hardest to get into, I was struggling to get caught up in it, but the plot hit me a curve-ball and I was hooked. As before this is an unconventional thriller, which takes an unusually uncynical view of those in high office. As soon as many of these senior politicians have the circumstances explained to them, they immediately agree that the rights of a girl cannot be infringed thereby joining the side of the good and smug.

Probably not quite as overpoweringly smug as the second book, but once against Blomkvist proves sexually irrestistable to women, while Salander effortlessly hacks and fights her way through a ruthless set of conspirators.

Having said all that, it is good escapist fun, well enough written not to be annoying and plotted with all the precision of a swiss watch.

I will miss Salander, she is an engaging heroine.