subvert the rules - design ideas to subvert the rules

We all know that good design is about following rules, for example

1 the medium is appropriate to the subject; but what about a fine classical marble bust of a punk rocker with a large mohican haircut

2 each design should reuse elements and have a consistent look and feel; but what about having a piece of furniture shift through different styles, for example one end the table is pure IKEA - but as you move from that corner it gets progressively more ornate, until is it high victorian at the other end. You could do this with a room too.

3 size and weight is appropriate - what about something that looks like an abandonned crisp packet but is actually made out of lead and is phenominally heavy, Happy Meal toys made of gold.

4 serious subjects get serious art forms and vice versa - so what about a cross stitch formal state portrait or an oil painting advertising second hand cars.