Lautner by Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange

A book on the architect John Lautner published by Taschen. The owner of Taschen actually owns Lautner's most famous building the Chemosphere, which has featured in the film Charlie's Angels. As an architect Lautner specialised in private homes, so most of his designs are inaccessible to the general public. They have however featured prolifically in films and popular culture. The Elrod Residence for example featured in Diamonds are Forever.

This is a decent and very reasonably priced book. Reading about architecture is rather like dancing about philosoply. The text is a a little sketchy, I would have liked to read more about his early life. The photos do suffer a seventies aesthetic. The recent documentary by Murray Grigor makes these building seem far more alluring.

However, for the money, this is a decent introduction to one of my favourite architects. Also nice to see Frances Anderton of the Design and Architecture podcast mentioned in the credits.

If nothing else, I would recommend checking out the trailer to the Murray Grigor documentary.