The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

I remember reading this when I was at school, and it was one of my favourite science fictions books. One of my daughters was reading some Bradbury short stories at school and I mentioned what a good book the Martian Chronicles was. So, next time I saw it in a book shop, I bought her a copy.

Anyway my daughter read it quickly (always a good sign) and liked it. I've just finished re-reading it myself, and I still think it is wonderful. The descriptive passages are beautifully written, it is a book to leave you with a head full of images. It is essentially a collection of short stories, often with a wry twist at the end. This is not a malign universe, but one that is largely indifferent to our fate. Bradbury comes across as someone who cares deeply, with profound sympathies and an abiding wish that we could just be better people.

Highly recommended.