website woes

For some time now the main focus of my website has been my blog. However the advice on the forums seems to be that a Rapidweaver blog will fall over eventually, and I am best to use some other approach.

That is why I switched to Rapidblog, which works with a blogger account and basically seems to paste in content from the blogger account into your page as displayed on a browser. Creating a page on the fly for you.

However this did not work. After some checking with the application support and my internet provider support, the issue seems to be that to use Rapidblog and php I need to have my website enable for php, which it is not. I would need to upgrade my website to allow this at an additional monthly cost.

I'll have a hum and a haw on whether it is worth paying monthly for webpages with php enabled, or whether I will just use blogger for my blogging, Flickr for photos, and my website for anything else.

I have no interest in crosswords for example, but trying to get a webpage working is something that I quite enjoy the challenge of, in an aggravating sort of way.

On the other hand, I have plenty of useful stuff to do, and the website is not really a major issue in the scheme of things. It is at risk of becoming a time sink, swallowing a lot of my time in doing technical support work. Watch this space, or not, as the case may be,

In the meantime, my blogger account is