The end of days

Friday was my last day in my old job, on Monday I start my new job, a promotion to a different part of the organisation.

It is so weird rushing to try and tidy up all the loose ends, write up handover notes, file everything useful electronically, get anything contentious agreed, get anything difficult done, let everyone know, say bye and thanks to everyone, and then it is done.

It was a rush right up to the end, I paid out over £6m on my last day, and writing handover notes till I was the last person in the office, and headed home at 6.

After being so much of my life, the page has been turned, and on Monday I have to start getting to know about something completely different, getting out to know a new bunch of of people, figuring out how to do a whole load of new things.

You should always quit when you are ahead, so I suppose I left at a good time, I was enjoying my work, I really liked the people, and found them great to work with. I suppose I was spinning my wheels a bit, I was wanting more to get my teeth into, not more work, but more challenge.