Snow Leopard upgrade updated

Just some further observations on Snow Leopard after a week.

Additional glitches - Mail ceased to send emails via my ISP, this has now sorted itself with no intervention on my part. It does rather confirm my view that the way to go, is to use googlemail for my default mail address. I know some people get paranoid about cloud computing by in my experience it is more reliable.

Rapidweaver would not run, installed an updated beta version, subsequently fully released. Also had to update all my plugins. Just downloaded and installed all the plugins that I have bought. They all seemed to behave and recognised that I had already paid for them.

Various other applications are providing free updates, nothing too troubling.

The mobile me sync option seems to run for a loooonnnnggg time, and the update dates looks odd, but suspect it is a teething thing. Nothing actually worrying, just general oddness.

My ipod needed a reinstall, no one else has had this problem, so it is probably unrelated.

The newly installed printer driver now lacks the heading cleaning option, it is just a generic driver lacking the full functionality of the original driver (ink status, head cleaning, test page), but it does seem to printer sharper copies and now sorts them into the correct order, which it did not do before. I can just press a button on the printer for three seconds to get it to do the head cleaning, so this is not too worrying.

My laptop hard drive makes a small noise, I don't recall from before.

Good but odd changes, computers will now run a screensaver even when they are not logged in. iTunes offering sharing in a more transparent manner, albeit sharing between different accounts logged in to the same wifi hub, rather than sharing between different accounts on the same machine. The iTunes wishlists is a nice add-on, though I simply dragged tracks to a wishlist playlist, and it served the same purpose, with less eye candy.

The new iTunes store is a thing of rare ugliness, but I am starting to get used to it. iUniversity still looks old style.

Spore has frozen once, but that seems to be the first time it has done it, so I am not too worried.

Otherwise, nice to all be operating on the same system, and flakiness seems reduced, there are a few nice tweaks, and everything is faster, but not much that you would notice. The iLife and iWork apps are similarly nicer in a suble sort of way.