various shoutouts

Just a quick shoutout for some recent finds on that interweb thingy.


First off, it is a well, you know, a sort of, its like a, well why not just give it a try, play around a bit, play around a bit more,

Secondly, getting bored with your desktop and want to put a clock on it. This works just peachy on my Mac, and there are plenty of templates to choose from, and if you are so minded you can even create your own.

Thirdly, check out some arty tee shirts. Probably a little pricey, but then when you consider just how much of a part of your visual identify a good tee shirt can be, then paying a bit extra for something that is exactly right seems a small price. There is a myriad of other community stuff that I have not explored too.

Finally, Just a cool tune, give it a whirl.