Shoutout - Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show

I really must go to more student shows ! Yesterday I spend the morning going round the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2009.

Often with exhibitions they are a bit of a one trick pony, all very good, but quickly turning into variations on a theme. With a student show there are hundreds of students doing their thing, pushing the boundaries out in all sorts of directions, without much regard for practicality or sense.

For me, the stand out sections were the product design - in particular some stackable mugs by Thomas Payne, some twirly jewelry by Sarah Milligan and some superb furniture for children by Emily Greenberg. There was also the entire performance costume department, where not only were the costumes fantastic, but there were notebooks full of sketches and ideas which show just how much hard work and imagination goes into the work. I was also impressed with the architecture work, it is depressing that there is so much unimaginative architecture out there, when there is such creativity and imagination on tap.

Normally I would just link to images, rather than copying and pasting them into my website, but I do suspect that the links might vanish over time, and this stuff is just to good for me to talk about, without some images to look at. I've done my best to provide appropriate links and credits for the designers. If any of the creators have any problem with me including images, or would like me to provide additional links, just drop me an email.

stackable mugs by Thomas Payne

twirly jewelry by Sarah Milligan

the most fund children’s table ever

Performance costume by Eleanor Welch

the Leith Mile by Colin Davidson