Wireless Router

My broadband connection has been upgraded at ADSL 2, no I don't know what that means either, but my broadband supplier (Demon) offered me an upto date router which was ADSL 2 friendly. They rather generously offered a wireless option, so I have bitten the bullet and gone wireless.

I seem to remember when I first signed up for broadband, I had to pay for the router, and it was around fifty pounds. My Broadband provider encouraged people to buy one of a small number of routers, no doubt on the grounds that anything that makes technical support a little less painful must be a good thing. The wireless one cost a bit more, and I did not see the need at the time.

However over the years I have taken to using my laptop a lot more, and my wife borrows a laptop from college for coursework, so, having the shift the dog off the sofa, and plug in an ethernet cable for accessing the internet was getting to be a bit of a pain. And lets face it, these days, if you cannot access the internet, your computer is about as much use as a brick. (slight exaggeration)

So, it all arrived earlier this week, the router had been pre-configured, but running a macintosh I'm always a little sceptical of such things. I had a bit of free time yesterday, so I shouted at the rest of the family to shut up, read through, and set the whole thing up. It really was just a case of plugging it in, except for setting up the wireless, which was slightly more involved, but only because I had mistyped my password first time round.

And now - I so love having wireless broadband. It works throughout the house. I can dip into the internet from wherever I am sitting with my laptop. The connection does seem quicker, though it can drop now and again.

Best of all, I was making a case for going wireless and buying an airport extreme, at over £100, and through doing nothing a wireless router has in effect fallen into my lap!

Result !!