Creative Assignment #1

Design an economy stencil font. That is, a set of stencils that depict the letters of the alphabet, but design them such that although they are clearly legible, they can be rotated such that an individual stencil might serve as more than one letter. The stencils are therefore likely to be square [but other shapes might be possible].

Probably best that stencils use rotational symetry but not to be flipped over, so both sides of the stencil do not get sticky with paint.

It would not be necessary to have upper and lower case, or much in the way of punctation.

Because these are stencils, they need to operate as distinct shapes, with the minimum of complications.

The design challenge is to design something that would be a robust and usable stencil, so simplicity is key, it needs to be highly legible, and it needs to use the minimum number of stencil pieces. I've not done any work on this, but it should be easy to get down to 20 pieces, but going well below that is certainly not implausible.

In practical terms, it might be better to create a set with commonly used letters duplicated, so that words could be stencil sprayed in a single pass, rather than having a couple of attempts to spray the single stencil.