Apple Mcintosh icon problems under OS 10.4 Tiger

Just a quick blog entry on a techie problem, and how I fixed it.

I could not copy and paste in icons that I wanted to put on folders, on a Mac running OS 10.4, Tiger. The icons came up all blocky with a black border round them. The icons I was seeking to use were of irregular shapes and had transparent backgrounds.

Under Preview (application that launched when double clicking on the .png icons files), it proved impossible to simply select the irregular shape, instead it selected an approximate rectangular shape with the excess area being colour black.

Having tried various approaches, to the extent of doing exactly the same thing on a computer running OS 10.5 Leopard, where things worked, and OS 10.4 Tiger, where things did not work, I eventually figured that I would need another approach. The batch of icons I was copying all came in appropriately icon-ed folders, so I simply duplicated folders with the correct icons and used those. Problem solved, albeit not by the most elegant of solutions.

The icons in question are the uncommonly fine Moleskine icons, available at