Private Eye to close

Private Eye to close

In a long overdue move, The Private Eye, well known UK satirical magazine, has announced that it will close down. The Private I, has long been a thorn in the side of the establishment. Noted for its regular reprints of stories about foreign or poor people having sex with animals, and derision for our hard working political representatives and government departments. The magazine has been coming out every week for the past hundred years [sub ed - can you check this bit please - I think it might be older] and has broken such stories as [sub ed - can you find something]

The editor of Private I, the well known television personality, appearing on the ratings topping Have I Got Ugly Celebrities for You and that thing about trains, Sir Ian Hillslop said to our reporter, "as a well known television personality and political pundit, I have worked closely with such respected political figures as the Labour MPs Boris Johnstone and Christine Hamilton. It has gradually become clear to me, that we are privileged to have such people working for us. It is churlish of journalists and the public to criticise these fine and upstanding people who work so selflessly on our behalf.

To be honest, as soon as Tony Blair was elected, I knew that the game was up, though we did manage to keep limping on for a bit, but now that Barrack Obama has been elected, we have frankly been left with nothing to print.

It is a sad day, but I will have to console myself with my lucrative tv career."

Sources at Private Eye told us that they expect to be able to run with reprints and previously unpublished material until someone notices, and expect to get away with this for some time as everyone just reads the cartoons and classifieds, or poses with an unread copy to show that they are really a bit edgy.