Punk jellyfish

This will probably be a rather rambling blog post. Words to strike terror into your very soul, and drive the casual browser, screaming and fleeing, never returning, into the gloaming.

I will however fill it chock full of random search words and watch as people come here looking for something insightful on punk jellyfish, or Britney dungarees.

First of all, shoutout for Dustin Wax and an exceptional series of postings on the Lifehack website about lifehacks and productivity.

They are so good, that I read one, then feel compelled to jot down something in my blog, only to find out that his next article anticipates and trumps this, with even greater insight, better written, etc etc. Not only does he write with insight, he also seems to walk the talk, by getting an awful lot done.

Anyway, I'll maybe post the odd comment to his articles, but I probably won't do a lot of blogging on productivity. I don't know, it does look like lifehacks are going out of fashion. We seem to be entering a post productivity landscape.

I have done a little tinkering on google and have set up a google analytics account, to get an idea whether anyone does ever access this site. I am not exactly strenuous in providing interesting content, or sticking to any particular topic, so I am certainly not expecting massive traffic.

At work, as usual, a couple of steps forward, and a step back. My workload has recently doubled, but I have taken on management of a member of staff. Fortunately no one else delegates any work, and I delegate plenty, so I it works well for both of us. However change afoot, and I'm worried that I might find myself trying to cover two jobs on my own!

In order to maintain sanity, I do find it useful to block out time on specific tasks, also just focus on the stage I'm at, so reading productively, planning effectively. Deliberately not worrying about the eventual outcome, just trusting to identify the relevant components, and do them all effectively.

It is also quite nice to treat tasks as a palette of things that I could do, rather than a shameful list of things that I should have done. So, stuff gets struck off within impunity. A bit of this is accepting that I can easily identify far more things to do, than I have time for. The skill is in selecting the best to do.

Not much else to report, I had a trip away from home, huge railway trip, had time to kill in a cavernous secondhand book shop. Bought a second hand book by Rex Stout, author of the Nero Wolfe novels. The television adaptations were a family favourite. I've not read the book myself yet, but my wife was well impressed. I was also looking for Tschiffely's Ride, which is the sort of book that you ought to be able to find second hand. However the books defied order and beyond checking through thousands of books, it was impossible to find a copy. There is a town in Dumfries and Galloway that has a plethora of second hand book shops, we will maybe need to make a trip to stock up on unfashionable books. It does not get any greener than reading second hand or library books.

How old it sounds to be talking about "green" now.