TS Eliot's to do list

TS Eliot's to do list

I have just been reading about prioritisation and to do lists, and they really sound most wonderful. I have decided to put them into action, forthwith,

AM - write The Wasteland
check spelling
post off to Ezra Pound

It is a shame about Ezra, obviously he has not heard about time management, otherwise he would be a really great poet, like I am.

Lunch - not sure about the peaches, they look a bit dodgy to me

PM - dash off some minor works
discover that my name is an anagram of toilets, and will cause endless merriement to countless generations of school children, while no one understands my great poems.
Consider various alternate options for my name,
DJ Eliot, the versifier
TS - author of the Wasteland - Eliot
Virginia Woolf

decide to stick to TS Eliot

attempt to think of toilet related anagrams for FR Leavis until,

Tea - that peach is still sitting there, it is starting to look decidedly manky. Who keeps buying all these peaches.

This is the way the day ends,
not with a bang, but with dinner

This poetry lark was fun, maybe tomorrow I should try politics.