Come Dine With Me

If this blog seems a little more distracted than usual, it is because I am typing it out while listening to Come Dine With Me, which I must confess is just about all I watch on tv these days. The commentary is delightfully catty, which saves me all the trouble of supplying a catty commentary to keep my family amused with. It does have the desperate air of a car crash some nights, when the guests really fail to gel. I had always thought that dinner parties sounded quite jolly and sophisticated, but Come Dine With Me, has helpfully disabused me of this notion, and I really don't think that I am missing out on much, sitting at home sucking on my frozen ready-meal.

All this credit crunch stuff hasn't half made the wall to wall property tosh tv seem a little bit irrelevant. Inexplicably rich people look at some houses, and then don't buy any of them. Or inexplicably rich people buy houses, and then sell them to make even more money. Or inexplicably rich people neglect their children to build a hideous piece of unliveable modernism in the middle of nowhere. Now that thousands are losing their jobs every week, all this gleeful conspicuous consumption just feels a little inappropriate.

At work, there was an interview themed week, carrying out five interviews on the Tuesday, and having an interview myself on the Wednesday. Enjoyable but gruelling. My energy levels do just go after a while. The interview that I was sitting was for a decent post, but they were interviewing over two days, so that could be as many as twelve candidates. I am not holding my breath waiting for someone to phone and offer me the post ! Though colleagues have all been rather sweet, asking about it, as if I was virtually a shoo in. I've applied for a run of promotions recently, this is the fourth, and the third interview, one post I did not get to interview. My performance at interview has improved hugely over the time, so in that respect it is not a wasted effort.

And it is Sunday evening, and tomorrow, I am back to work, for another day of interviewing staff. It is all getting very busy at work, and I am starting to regret volunteering for just so many things recently.

And, so, to bed, ....