Technical problem,

Technical Problem,

my website vanished yesterday!

Of course cogitating on things, and a quick check on the forums suggested a perfectly good approach to fixing things.

I had recently upgraded to RapidWeaver 4.2, and there was a slight problem with the download. So either the application file was slightly corrupted, or the document file that includes the website got corrupted when it was upgraded to the new format.

So I downloaded a new version of RapidWeaver 4.2, went into Cyberduck and deleted all the existing files on my website. Went into TimeMachine and pulled out a version of the document file from last week before I upgraded to RapidWeaver 4.2. Uploaded the whole lot again.

On testing, the whole thing seems tickety boo again.

When it comes to technical problems I really do like to work to a scenario of what the problem is, and then try and fix it, rather than the usual tech support approach of working through a short list of solutions, of gradually ascending severity.

However, had my website actually been terminally corrupted, I suppose I would just have set about creating a whole new one. To be honest I am getting a little bored with the current template. It has gained a fair bit of customisation, so it is now probably more a case of starting over again, rather than mild tweaks. I am starting to feel a little minded to create a whole new website from scratch. As ever with technical solutions, make do and mend works fine for a while, but more root and branch change is required from time to time.