I'm miffed I did not get that job I applied for, which in my gut tells me, that I do really want to move on to a piece of work that will really challenge and engage me. To be honest it is not the money, or the status, it is just that I want to work on something that stretches and engages me.

HOWEVER - not challenging in the frequently used sense,
"this is a challenging post, which requires a good sense of humour"

which is translated as, you will have to be able to laugh about how stupid you were to take on the job in the first place, and it certainly is challenging, in the same way that repeatedly hitting your head off a brick wall is challenging.

At the moment I just feel that I am caught up in the rather dull process of stuff, rather than having the responsibility to make anything happen.

I suppose that I am getting clearer on where I want to be, and it is not too difficult to figure out how to get there, it is just a case of pressing on.