do - learn - do better

As predicted a few blog entries ago, I did not get that post I applied for. Not much surprise, they were in a rush to fill it, so they would have phoned up and offered the post to their candidate within the day, so the fact that I had not got a call, pretty much confirmed that I had not got the post.

But I do feel ready to get my teeth into something more challenging than what I am doing now. It would be easy enough to get depressed by being knocked back, and give up trying, but ...

  • being good at interviews is different from being good at the job, I will be vastly better at the job than I am at interview
  • I can always get better at doing interviews
  • what ever I am not doing terribly well, I can address
  • you don't need to win every battle, the odd battle is fine

Maybe I just need to set myself a goal of getting a new post, tackle it like any other project. Part of the challenge is that as you move up the grades you move away from doing what you are told to do, more onto setting your own agenda and then trying to bring people along with you. I know that I would be good at something more challenging, but the problem around convincing someone else that I am the best person for their job.

Gone are the days when you sat back on your seniority and earnt a promotion through being around for long enough. Just my luck! Now that I have the seniority, they don't want it anymore!

Still, just pick myself up, dust myself down, and throw myself back into the fray, or
do - learn - do better